Sarah's Secret Closet

I want This store to be just as fun for you as it is me. I promise to take suggestions for shirts and other merchandise and we also have print on demand and embroidering!WE can put names , pictures, phrases , special moments, on anything in the store. I intend to expand in the next few years we have a different sense of humor so you will have a lot of fun while you are here and find things not only for yourself but many people you know.Remember those old kiosks at the mall with all the T shirts and hats? Well it's just like that except you do NOT EVEN have to leave your house to find what you want and it comes right to you. I have a Facebook fan page so you can leave comments there and sign up for our news letter we will have sales and special coupon offers just for you! We also take bulk orders so bowling shirts, Bridal showers ans we can have fun with those!!!baby showers, softball teams, and anything else you would need.Just don't forget the special moments! and you should ALWAYS leave this store with a smile! So Thank you! Now lets have some fun!! 

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